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answer, it is Cake radio

the barista I asked then immediately put it on the fave list because he agreed that it was a good freaking playlist.

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once again fixing IT issues before IT shows up because fucking A I need it done right now.

Funny things overheard at work 

Mom to young (4?5?) Child: you know, yelling incomprehensibly louder does not make it make more sense.

Child:.... I like the other straw better.



my birth father's FB is just him being a walking LinkedIn inspo bro.

Who just liked my old post?

Oh, someone new? Wonder why they dove so deep into my posts

Oh. They're libertarian.

I dreamt once that I was friends with Julles and holy shit it came true

I like replaying my fave dreams from childhood.

Might do that again tonight tbh

I could literally talk for hours about how removing the Yosuke romance in P4 (despite it getting literally to the point of being voiced in English) weakened multiple character arcs and themes of the games.

and that the romance being kept in game would have strengthened most of the major themes

but it's FINE.

This is literally the longest I've seen them sit and not talk since I've moved up to Michigan.

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Introducing my cousin to studio ghibli through howls moving castle

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