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Imagine being actively ghosted by your own grandfather in public for being too much of a chud

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Right before the old man left, the boy straight up said "prove me wrong. C'mon, prove me wrong. You can't."

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Omg, the old man with him just got up and walked away with no words

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I want this one boy at the next table to me to shut the fuck up

He has that "I'm actually let me prove you wrong" voice and won't stop talking about how much better he is than his classmates

okay, i also just made an appointment to go see an apartment this afternoon.

so... that is enough of an excuse for me to leave the house and enjoy the nice weather

I don't wanna spend money, but I also feel like I should walk to the mall and get myself some shorts. hnfidsjkfnsjaf

i hate that this is such a concern for me.

this apartment is right at the top end of my budget and honestly probably really need to accentuate moving out asap.

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me: i need to be careful with my spending. i cannot have any superfluous costs

also me: i need shorts and food and shoes and

done already:

  • work meeting
  • made a neuro appointment for migraines
  • made a therapy appointment

so many check marks.

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i want some good shorts.

like boy length shorts.

i have none.

I hate how laundry day is a forced femme day

But at least I'm cute

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cool article about the first woman developer to make a game starring a human girl character

listening to the magnus archives just to get a fallen london ad: well, isn't this a perfect intersection of interests

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Stablecoin is collapsing? How am I supposed to pay my horses now???

re: work meeting 

meeting is over.

it was really fucking nice to be in a group of people just to talk about how to make sure other people feel wanted.

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re: work meeting 

one of the heads of the meeting is telling me about how he's created a list of Black Food History for our company.

like french fries being invented by Jefferson's slave.

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re: work meeting 

creating a juneteenth celebration map for all employees so they can celebrate wherever they live in the area.

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re: work meeting 

also, if you go to any cultural event, you get $15 for it.

we want people to go learn about others.

so we pay them $15 for each thing they go to, as long as they tell us what they learned (so we know they didn't go to a drinking night and not actually learn anything)

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