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I've literally fallen asleep 5 times in the last 24 hours due to me trying to continue my pokemon nuzlocke

Once i get my own room in my FCs house, i need to do all the crafting.

I just need more inventory room tbh

job search 

interview went well!

She plainly told me I'm going to have a 2nd interview next week

and that they would give me relocation assistance and also pay for me to make a home office.

Job hunt 

So my friend in Indiana has let me know her boss is planning on calling me in the next few days for an interview. This would be to be a liason for foster care children. Making sure they get what they need and such. I would love this.

And i also have an interview scheduled for today to be on the board for the state of Indiana Methodist church body for diversity and justice.

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I'm glad that my insomnia fix since i was 10 still works.

But like

I wanna just play Pokemon

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I just want to play Pokemon.

But I've literally classical conditioned myself to fall asleep when i play Pokemon.

Food musing 

I need to eat a salad today for lunch.

My throats doing the reflux thing it does when i haven't had enough cool veggies

Annoying my mother by sending her a silly parenting meme and pretending it's serious

Fire Emblem 3H musing 

Dimitri: i wanna stop edelgard, i might go a little mental health about it due to trauma, but i wanna stop edelgard

Edelgard: i wanna stop the true evil living under ground and also stop the church from meddling too much. I will do this by partnering with the true evil and doing war crimes.

Claude: lmao, so i want to end all racism due to being mixed and being treated shit everywhere i go. I don't like war crimes, so i stop edelgard because she was being very mean. And i also stumble upon the true evil while researching this country's heritage and defeat it. Also, i stop the church from meddling.

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Fire Emblem 3H musing 

Have to laugh that they spent all this time hyping up Dimitri v edelgard.

And most people look at those first because there's shit there. And they seem the most serious.

But if you choose Claude, who acts like a class clown, you end up completing both of the other two's objectives (BETTER than they did in their routes) and also make a stand about racism. Overtly about racism?

And also he actually tells jokes and is likable?

It had a full single player rpg campaign where you had to work your way up your school ladder and then up the professional rungs.

It was good as hell.

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Mario tennis on the GBA is the fucking best and it's the reason i get legit sad every sports game that doesn't have as comprehensive of a single player mode forever

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I wonder if you can imagine my extreme elation when i discovered that my two favorite GBA games shared the same team. Including sound effects and music direction?

That's right.

Golden Sun and Mario Tennis.

I still have my guidebook for the games.

It's a single book that has each game starting on the opposing cover.

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