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I actually just got to do a "I'm walking here!"

Work screaming, and I'm not even there 

My boss: hey, so everyone is off wed through Friday. I know it's pto for me, so it should be for you as well

Hr email: lmao, nope. You're pt still for no good reason, so you don't get paid for those days. Sucks man.

u ever think about how shin megami tensei has two, likely more demons you could describe as "the dick demon"

Booster shot recovery 

So i also got my period yesterday.

So the combo of cramps and using up extra energy puts my body at hyper drive for needing food

Booster shot side effects 

Didn't even realize how much they hurt until i got up to go to bed. Ow

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Booster shot side effects 


My arms hurttttttt

re: ff14 mail delivery quests 

Now to deliver to Bango Zango.

God, I wanna be a Qiqirn.

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oh thank god, iu finally won a game of basketball

rp'ers, can you please not make limsa lag like 2007 youtube?

my hair now sits in my lap.

holy fuck it's getting long.

re: ff14 mail delivery quests 

Also insults the idea that women should only be allowed to sleep with one man forever.


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re: ff14 mail delivery quests 

and now we have someone talking abut sex work as a valid choice.

this is an interesting set of quests.

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re: ff14 mail delivery quests 

and now I'm happy to be doing the quest again.

because Drest decided to live and no longer hide away in the swamp and drink himself to death

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ff14 mail delivery quests 

I was excited to see how Drest was doing, and now I am NOT.

i just learned that minions can fight in some way?

re: ff14 moogle mail quests. 

these two best friends are going to kiss as soon as this quest is over.

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ff14 moogle mail quests. 

Okay. this one is gay.


these two boys run around town (and drag you along) to talk about the girls in town they think are cute

and then end up coming together to simp for both a female and a male pirate captain.

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