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food consumption levels 

Me on work days: eat breakfast, and then don't eat again until I get home.

me on this day off: I NEED FOOOOOOOD

Im gonna write a code for chess that will let me win the monads chess tourney and blame everyone else for cheating.

Always laughing at how many times i have to explain to my parents that some of my friends call me Milly

When it's such an obvious nickname for me.

Mil is in both of my name's.

Hate when games are really good but poisoned to the point of being memes.

Anyways, Undertale was actually very very good and the music was fucking great.

But the fandom is a GD travesty.

Should i stream tonight (would you watch)

Who came up with those toddler chairs that make noise every time a kid moves?

Why the fuck would you do that.

I know this site can be hell but it's still like 20x better than it was in like the horny and much more problematic 2018 era

Should i stream tonight (would you watch)

the first recorded mention of cats in Japan,

by the teenage emperor of the time, 9th century

uncaptioned text

me: I should probably get groceries at home. All I have in my corner is mac and cheese and a box of cheezits.

the world: there's a storm tomorrow and it's Sunday evening and it's 5 pm.

Me: fuck.

Also good to know there's a huge storm coming tomorrow.

I almost got my car washed today.

I would have been PISSED.

Well, i now have tomorrow off of work.

Currently feeling a need to play through the whole first psychonauts game again.

So that's my plans

(But should i stream it)

In between deep analysis of the persona universe and characterization within and examining the subtext left in the psychonauts universe after game 2.

Is a fic about link, just petting dogs.

And it's massively popular.

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Laughing at my current top ao3 fics.

1) my biggest persona 5 fic
2) my other mega persona 5 fic
3) my BOTW fic about petting dogs
4, 5, 6) my new psychonauts fics

Hate knowing I'm capable of doing "harder" jobs, even by capitalisms standards, but no one will hire me because i look like a 16 year old girl and therefore they don't want that as their department head.

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