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If I chose to do a writing stream for the next like hour, would you join me? I'm trying to push myself to get back into writing, as it's been on my mind all day.

If I chose to do a writing stream for the next like hour, would you join me? I'm trying to push myself to get back into writing, as it's been on my mind all day.

"you need to hear it, this stuff happens."

i know, I've lived it

"well then you need to know it happens to others"

i know it, thank you.

"well I'm not going to stop"

okay bye

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honestly proud of me for standing up for myself.

I usually respect my elders so much i backbend.

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but in case you were wondering, i did just get up and leave.

they kept telling me that I HAD to listen, and I kept telling them no. and that i would leave if they did not drop it.

they didn't, so I just walked away.

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love when the upstairs neighbors invite you to a porch drink and then are transphobic

and then also actively tell a triggering story and refuse to respect your autonomy when you tell them that you are very uncomfortable with the material and will not stay around if they continue the story.

and they try to override you by saying that it's more important than your mental health to hear a story that mirrors a very triggering moment for you. and even say you need to hear it when you know it's an important topic, as you've lived it, but cannot listen to it right now.

but they can cut you off midsentence when talking about your fucking cat because they miss their cat from a decade ago and so they don't want to hear about it.

I feel like "irony Twitter" really did a number on people's ability to discern humor and irony online. let me help: those guys were never being ironic and always meant the Hitler support. hope this helps.

angry at seeing white people trying to decide what a "Native Look" is

and also at people making light of WHY NDN people are so light nowadays

today has had a lot of tiny stressful things that have culminated together to a midlevel explosion and I just can't rn.

this week's nursery rhyme is 5 Little Ducklings.

So we were going over the color yellow with the babies.

and kept asking them what color the ducks were.

and one girl kept yelling NANA.

and you know what, I'll give it to her, it's the same color.

protip: child crying is more believable if they don't actually say "wah" and then don't devolve into scat singing.

tbh, i barely was able to make utilities payments.

i just want fucking gas and food money.

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Milly feels guilty about asking for money a 2nd time after that ER visit and everyone was so generous, but I have no qualms asking on their behalf.

Milly has been sick for weeks, and they have ended up in the emergency room twice in the past two weeks, one trip without insurance bc of govt bullshit. They just started a new job so money is tight enough as it is.

If you don't know @magicalmilly, they are our main admin here, and a Two-Spirit Ojibwe person who loves animals and works with kids for a living.

I am again asking for assistance.

I know this is 3 out of the last 2 weeks.

But it's utilities time. And with my 2 in 2 weeks medical emergencies I don't have the money to pay all utilities. I barely and luckily got rent.

And i do like having power and such.

The bill is $120 for everything.


I hate asking, and if you're wondering, I'm now healthy and fully employed and hale.

But, sadly i was super sick for the whole paycheck that was supposed to float us through bills this month.

raise your hand if you AREN'T queer for Merlwyb

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