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i can only assume that shortly after milly went home they went to sleep and have been sleeping this entire time LOL

New boss: so ... Can you bring your cat to work...?

can confirm pev is everything i dreamt of and more

Me: I'm extroverted

Me: i'm extroverted

Me: i'm extroverted

Rhys: milly is loud.

milly just spend all time we've been in the car making bad Jesus jokes

Me IRL: way quieter than i am onhere, kinda mumbly, a lil shy

milly IRL: just like on here but somehow even louder

milly, any time i ask them to keep me updated or do thing: NO!!! >:0 IM BLOCKING UR NUMBER UR CANCELLED

u think milbert is a gremlin on here U HAVE NO IDEA

I interviewed over zoom somewhere up north.

And I was wearing a professional sleeveless dress.

And they were like... Uh... We don't usually allow sleeveless clothing.

And i blinked a few times in confusion and was like "I'll wear a cardigan???"

imagine being from up north and thinking about the words "dress sandals"

How to say I'm from south Florida without saying it:

I have dress sandals

@magicalmilly "dress sandals"

this is the ultimate proof you too are from the gulf coast/tropical climate

I'm sad that i have to wear socks at my new job

I wanna wear my dress sandalssss

"How attached are you to that stick?"

"Pretty much."

"Physically or emotionally?"

It's been really wild to revisit PSX games on an actual CRT for the first time in decades, because modern pixel perfect screenshots have supplanted that in my head. But they really did just look better at the time! Prerendered backgrounds were meant to be filtered by the display!

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"How many birds do you think are on the moon?"

"I don't know, it's my first time here."

I've been so good.

I don't know ANYTHING about the movie

Purposefully avoiding it because I know it's a gotcha movie

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