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One of my Cuz is having their new book turned into a tv show (Firekeepers Daughter)

And waititi is directing a different Rez show about OK Rez crime. With all NDN cast.

So... Good things in NDN culture rn


So i start one job tonight. And then have the meeting on Wednesday to set up my schedule for other job.

And should hear back about apartment today.


I know Pev is happy about this move because he is rolling on the ground and playing fetch and is doing the silly puppy thing of dropping the toy and running away in anticipation


I ate a chili dog faster than rhys could even fucjing blink today

Yes, I have my point of view on this delicate topic, but I'd be happy to hear what you have to say on the matter, AryanLoliGuy88

Nothing is more terrifying than when I get tagged by harp in something on a religious holiday

I'm... sleepy.

so... my hangout with rhys was mostly me being looney.

Milbert is just talking to themselves about sam and max

Milly: stares at tv

Jabs tv with finger as if it's a touch screen


I'm up. I'm at em. I'm a combination up and at em.

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