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Streaming me reading more Jurassic Park! Feel free to put this on to destress and get ready to sleep!

When should Quiet Reading Time with Milly be?

(Were reading jurassic park rn)

When should Quiet Reading Time with Milly be?

(Were reading jurassic park rn)

I just walked up to someone and asked them out.

And they said yes.

And we traded numbers

What the fuck.

Florida is bad at masks 

Something about watching a 60 year old woman be put in time out just hits me weird

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Florida is bad at masks 

Watching a younger manager make her older antimasker employee sit in the corner clocked out until she puts her mask on again.

As she refuses to wear a mask while working at a burger king.

I mean, she's a shit, but I'm glad that the manager isn't letting her do that.

I no longer in flight or fight mode

But I'm still emotional

Actually my fave internet thing is the What If Was For Puppies comic

The only good thing about the internet is me being able to post pictures of Pev.

And maybe the Same Hat comic.

Doctors, hospital, ptsd 

Texting people demanding for them to assure me I'm not dreaming and the doctors aren't trying to wake me up for surgery

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Doctors, hospital 

I legit thought I was back in the hospital. Hearing doctors trying to get my attention but I just couldn't focus on the noise.

Bc that weird feeling of tired and painkillers.

And that echoing wubwub sound of ear drops.

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Who knew that I can't put ear drops in when I have strong pain killers.

I didn't

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