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food, game grumps quote 

I will have 40 cheeseburgers and a coke.

One coke to wash it down.

"Tarp will not save you from gun."

5 seconds

"Please poke head out, tarp will save you from gun."

kinda feeling like making a honeypot for the trolls that are trying to do shit today.

at least when the chucklefucks come for me, I can suspend them quickly.

slurs, masto online 

yeah, no.

(not captioning because I don't wnat to type those words)

if a landlord isn't working 40 hours a week actively on your property doing work to make your life better, they don't have a job.

Fuck landlords.

I'm gonna see the parents ( AND THE DOGS) tomorrow

the ska phone is ringing, 

will you pick it up? :ska:

If you arent aware, there is a block and mute button for profiles that you don't like it just don't want to deal with rn.

There are also filter capabilities for words or topics that are triggering to you. You can use those to make up for if someone didn't put something bad for you in the CW. I use these for my very random triggers for my ptsd, they're very helpful. I also use these when a bit is getting exhausting.

If you ARE aware of these functions, and refuse to use them because you think it's funny and then get mad when people don't respect your triggers? Then you can go fuck yourself. With a cactus, with nails.

the joke was supposed to be that my haters were not real and made up

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@magicalmilly it's important that my mods validate my grudges uwu

i feel like i have already sucked the dick from the back of this situation, so i dont know what else to tell you.

before you craft a call out post look at your skin color and also inspect your argument very closely because its starting to feel kind of shitty that so many white people are coming out as flowless haters

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I do elekk wide bans for, you know, actually worrisome people.

Not the brown people who i don't like.

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You can block accounts yourself, you don't have to tell your admin to do it because you don't wanna see the brown man post.

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