I have been playing age of calamity.

And wanna keep it up

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I just want to go home and play more video games.

smooches to all my nonbinary folks who have to deal with being infantilized by cis ppl all the time

Is it still good to point out racist action? Yes.

But also, users will leave when they notice.

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I don't know why I get defensive about federation of instances.

Like, elekk users are on elekk because they trust me and rhys to federate safely.

If an admin makes bad federation choices, users will leave.

It may annoy me, i may not agree. But I'm not on that instance.

And that's okay. That's the pro to federation.

@Crash meanwhile I live to play games while laying down.

I wish more things would let me do that

White people sacrificed the ability to shut the fuck up in exchange for the capacity to exploit the entire earth. This is the true meaning of the phrase "white culture "

@boucane feel free to borrow ours!

We've been updating it as needed and people have been good with it

I am presently working on a draft for a better About page (including a "code of conduct") than the one we currently have (which is largely taken from mastodon.social) that I will present to the Kolektiva team to discuss

Currently looking for inspiration. Please send me other instances' About pages that you think I should know about!

Also looking for thoughtful stuff on, like, the potential (both good and bad) of the fediverse

Thanks! Feel free to boost too


@Crash acceptable because I know the intention is a hell yeah

If you aren't on this list, i still love you.

I just actually text these people on the daily.

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I support all of my best friends to a painful degree.

Can I get a hell yeah for mary. And rhys. And kit. And harp. And riley. And...

@Crash @chartier the fancy lights are just different flavors of mountain dew.

You've heard of Gamer PCs

And Gamer Chairs

Get ready for ...

Gamer Web Browsers!

(It's just Firefox or Chromium reskinned to add the look of neon lights for accents, but you have to pay $100 or more to use it.)

re: Seeking cat advice; warning: binge eating 

@lapis @mur2501 i had a cat who was vommey from hairballs and stress. So i may not be the best person to ask. Tbh

@catgoat like, sure, you don't call me names.

But i do notice that I am at a higher standard and also that you always side with the more masc presenting folks

@MmeLibertine yeah.

I might look into it.

Because like jump and glide and dash are all different and opposite keys

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