Pev has left the closet and has started to explore the greater room and apartment

milly informed me that sonic has tokidoki toys rn and im screamin

@whalefall @wigglytuffitout born into a garden and without sin.

And the metaphysically reborn and cast out into a world with none garden and left sin.

milly gave me naan and this is true friendship

re: New job, food 

@wigglytuffitout rhys and i are sharing. They're big

New job, food 

My boss gave me a pint of korma, 2 lamb samosas, 3 sheets of naan, and some ice cream.

I'm so full

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New job, food 

New job threw an ice cream party for me

Also gave me like 10 lbs of Indian food to take home

@geesehoward they backbending to remove head coverings the same way people Write dissertations to block us

France isn't leftist you dumb piece of shit lmao France is literally trying to outlaw Islamic practices for "not racist reasons"

New job orientation includes "never comment on a customers gender. It is theirs."

I am missing so many bits with my hustle rn.

Some are even about me

I'm just here, missing them.

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