@hyphae this is random I know

But remind me next year to show you my aunt morel garden.

Currently the list is

Hide and seek - Imogen heap
Samson - Regina spektor
By my side - godspell
Lullabye - billy Joel
Aria of the soul - persona

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Me singing again :)

This is Angel by Sarah McLachlan.

you know, the sad puppy song.

it's very quiet and sometimes raspy because it is 1 am and I am trying to be considerate of neighbors/roommates

I did Angel tonight.

and that's because I will have to splice together Hide and Seek and I am tired.

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@SeanAloysiusOBrien it really fucking was.

As well as people either ignoring or being weird to Lyrian trying to be like "don't do this"

Because femboy.

And I keep seeing people fucking riffing in it

boys with tits ARE rad as hell thank you for noticing

@SeanAloysiusOBrien some people decided to shit post today about how chuck e cheese the rat is a femboy.

That was the whole thing. So the joke was that femboy equals funny.

And then it grew to because the rat was femboy, you had to fuck it.

And then it became a full fetishization.

And people won't stop making weird jokes that are either overly sexual or "I made the creepy rat a femboy. That's the whole.joke. femboy are creepy"

Anyways please stop FUCKING boosting the goddamned femboy rat/sex rat.

So all of you masto people I haven't been able to play with

My name is hollahatu gharl. I am on zalera on crystal.

Pls be my friend

no femboy as a gender BEING the joke is allowed on elekk.

same as we don't make fun of ANYONE'S GENDER.

and if you are off elekk and won't stop, there may be a conversation my friends.

we have femboys on elekk, and they deserve to feel safe.

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What should I sing

Pev was sleeping ON MY FOOT

Do you know how rare it is for that to happen?

I will end you

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