Here Comes A Thought from Steven Universe is a beautiful song. Probably my fave from the series. That wonderfully explains anxiety, trauma, and how to disengage in a healthy way.

But that doesnt change the fact that every time i think of it, as i did just now, i always am like "but what if it was ~here comes a thot...~"

I think I'm gonna call out on Sat.

I'm tired as fuck. and I gotta drive home tomorrow.

@witchfynder_finder @shade I chose them because they were wider and therefore good for my very wide feet

@wigglytuffitout @penny Yeah, wasn't so much stress as much as aggravated.

the amount of times I have to fight for anything when I'm in a disability spell.

And the amount of times people talk over me and wave me off and are like"man, that sucks, but I guess you should deal with it and everyone has to take some lumps for the revolution"

and i look around, and see all the lumps are on disabled folks

@wigglytuffitout @penny I would like to cut off this super ran before it goes further.

But I get that like... this whole contracter delivery driver shit is horrible and is a not great system. It could be, but since the drivers have no rights, it isn't.

But like. it is REALLY ableist to say that people who just want delivery food shouldn't be able to get it.

Yes, we live in a society and have to deal with it. And yes, we need better.

But I also need to eat, and deserve to have food with flavor sometimes, even though going out is exhausting sometimes.

@penny @wigglytuffitout I'm also mad because I ordered directly through the resturant site to avoid this.

but they've apparently made a deal with doordash.

So.... hfafhsdjfsd

but I paid real money for cake and I don't have too much expendable that.

@witchfynder_finder When she showed up in Frozen I was INVESTED.

until she didn't change anything.

but FUCK was I excited.

Henlo fediverse

May i ask your collective wisdom on

Child-friendly fun games for the Wii?

For fairly young kids. So more minigames and less long adventures. Educational stuff would be dope but something the niblings can burn off energy with is also good. Multiplayer is GREAT because I have so many niblings and they will all want to play lol.

Ideally also fairly cheap and common to find second hand, and only need the wiimote and/or nunchuck (so as much as I love my niblings I do not have the cash to import Japan specific drumming game peripherals etc)

I have my old Wii just sitting around and it finally occurred to me that my niblings would be hugely excited to have it (and it would be good for them to learn to video game a little before in a few years me passing down my switch to them lol). Obviously they'll be getting my copy of Wii fit, but there are probably way more fun games out there. I'm thinking a rhythm heaven game (if there was one on the Wii) might be great. They're a little too young for most of the really exciting stuff on the Wii but I'm sure there's educational stuff for the Wii that isn't total crap, plus some stuff that's not on my radar (like simple platformers etc). I don't think much Pokemon stuff came on the Wii but if there are spinoffs I don't know about, totally tell me about that too, they are fucken rabid for some pogeyed mans.

I know I could look up top ten lists but well I don't want to sort through people I don't know giving dubious recommendations due to them trying to appease the editor and/or google SEO lol.

Retoots and replies greatly appreciated!! Thank you so much in advance 💖

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@wigglytuffitout NOPE.

called the resturant.

it is SITTING on the counter with my name on it.

me: I hate tattling when people have a bad day at work.

this one lady: is aggressively bad at her job and rude and threatens me with "go call customer service then"


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@witchfynder_finder and being RUDE about it.

me: hey, i didn't get my cake :( I called the place and they said that you accidentally missed a bag, can you please get it?

them: They messed up. I grabbed your bag. Sucks you didn't get it. Complain to the app, lmao.

Me: you are going DOWN.

worker solidarity and all but if I paid you a nice tip to delivery me food AND cake.

and you REFUSE to get me the cake that YOU accidentally left behind.

I will END YOU

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im going to murder this one doordash driver in particular

re: me screaming about the seminary I'm visiting 

it's such a small thing that speaks volumes

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