Cursed, bad translations 


This was apparently in a hippie store bc of course

How native are you?

Well here's my tanline after only like a week back in the sun.

Thanks genes for hiding until i have sun time. Also, can you tell where my work shirt ends?

Can't stop thinking about that meme that shows an extreme farmers tan for NDN.

CW: picture of my arm with a massive tanline

2nd picture of a meme about NDN skin.

Cursed, a lot of text I'm not captioning, beastiality????, Bad parenting, Jesus Christ no. 

Say psych. Say it right now.

Cursed, food, slur "but not really" 

Jesus fucking christ.

I've accepted my job title fully.

CW: selfie

(It's a selfie in my car while I wait for my lunch to be done. I'm cute. And i have two braids and have my work shirt on)

I just saw one of the most serious FB friends I have make a tribute post to Harmabe.

I didn't know she had it in her.

in the year of our lord 2021.

Alcohol, but a req for a brand that is NDN and women led. 


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