I don't understand the people who get dressed up to go to Disney. Like nice clothes, dresses, etc.

Like unless you're literally just going to an epcot dinner, you're at a theme park in florida. you should be wearing a tanktop and shorts.

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anyways, the internet decided I somehow wanted disneybounding videos.

@magicalmilly The last time I was at Disney was with H on our honeymoon in early July, and I noticed her only packing nice clothing and said "you know we're going to be on our feet for six hours a day in hundred-degree heat with a chance of torrential rain, right?"

This had genuinely not occurred to her

@magicalmilly As someone who lived in Orlando for years...

Even Epcot isn't worth that, it's still a themepark. Enjoy yourself.

A lot of weird business folx use the Epcot Dinner Pass Membership to eat there regularly though it's super strange.

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