oh my god

the lost american sailor moon is everything you thought it would be


if you wanna watch the lost sailor moon. someone found them deep in the library of congress.


if it doesn't jump you to the right time, it starts about 1 hour,44 min.

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rhys and i watched this with jaws dropped

it's honestly iconic

I know I would have LOVED this as a kid.

animation is like straight to home video disney. but there are some good sfx tbh, esp for 1994.

and more diversity and I ever expected?????

@magicalmilly bookmarking for when I can handle the sheer “Hanna-Barbara made some choices" energy that opening brings

@DissonantEevee it's honestly incredible

very waht the fuck

but also

honestly iconic.


What gets me is that like
I am fascinated by some of the choices here?

Tuxedo Mask gives her a tangible buff!
Beryl seems based on her +Metalia design instead of base?
And then the mooks are specifically the Rainbow Crystal MotW designs, which were corrupted humans, when the rest of the first season's motw were just... monsters? Evil spirits? Corrupted human didn't become standard until later arcs.

@katrani yeah like

Damn it was American

But like diverse?

And tuxedo mask was helpful?

And they were going somewhere with that

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