it's so pretttttty

it's such a pretty place.

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apartment pictures 

I get the whole upper floor and attic

and look at these beautiful old ass wood floors

and beautiful old doors. this one leads up to the attic.

and huge windows.

and it's QUIET.


re: apartment pictures 

@magicalmilly Oh this is a good place Milo, major congrats

re: apartment pictures 

@DaveyJJJones me, on the phone with my mom on the way home: mom, i would literally kill a man for a lease here

comment from passerby (me), re: apartment pictures 

@magicalmilly omg!!! it's so pretty!!! congrats on getting it :D

re: apartment pictures 

@magicalmilly this is just lovely milo

re: apartment pictures 

@hoppet me, yesterday: I will murder for this house

people on here: hmmm seems strong but okay

me: posts pictures

people on here: understandable, good day.

re: apartment pictures 

@DissonantEevee I'm OBSESSED

and it's around the corner from the little downtown and near a farm and some parks.

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