the most common thing I said yesterday during the insanity of the birthday party proper was


"Do. Not."


"Respect their No."

If a kid says they don't want a fucking temp tattoo. they don't have to have one.

I don't care if it's temporary

I dont care if it isn't a big deal

I don't care if everyone else has one.

this kid said no.

So you fucking don't do it. And you STOP needling them.


there is a good amount of shitty things in today's culture that come from people not learning to respect someone's No.

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You cannot force temp tattoos on another kid

You cannot whine until they agree

You cannot pet the dog if they run away

you cannot grab the bearded dragons if they're in their hidey hole

you cannot grab the guinea pigs if they are in their hutch

You cannot make me move if I'm sitting on the couch

You have to respect when anyone or anything tells you no.

I can easily tell you that they reason I'm so good with pets is that when they tell me no, I listen.

and so when I tell them something, they listen to me.

It's like when you show respect, you get respect.

@magicalmilly Now if only Bioux would learn that. Currently it's our desk. Especially when there's my our food on it.

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