i feel like a lot of pet owners could do really well to learn how to read their animal's body language

@hoppet my parents forced my ass to learn that

But we also had like a zoo of absued dogs and cats, and so my parents made sure I knew when to run, when to contain, and when to use body language back.

@magicalmilly @hoppet i grew up with cats and i can't imagine why people just... never learn this stuff about an animal they'll be living with for years and years

cats are so loving and have really fun personalities and it takes like one night of googling to at least learn some basics


@kat @hoppet scientists: did you cats do listen and like people and also can make connections of names to faces?

Me and all other cat owners: no fucking shit

@magicalmilly @hoppet it's always these dudes who are like "cats don't care about anyone and just ignore you, i don't like them" and it's like, my guy

they don't care about you because you don't care about them

@kat @hoppet you didn't show interest and so they're respecting your boundaries. Sorry bout you

@magicalmilly @kat as someone who is quite allergic to cats, i actually very much respect them for their boundary respecting behaviours

@hoppet @kat pev knows my grandma doesnt love cats. He leaves her alone.

He knows my grandpa LOVES cats. He loves him

He knows my uncle told him no one time, he likes to fuck with my uncle.

He knows that I hyper focus, so he knows he has physically force me to pet him if I'm focused.

It works

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