"let's raise all children communally away from their families. It's the only moral choice"

Okay, tell that to my family tree? Oh, you can't? Why? Oh, they're dead under the school they were communally raised in?


Jesus fucking Christ read a history book some time instead of make galaxy takes about shit you know nothing about

@magicalmilly jesus fuckin christ somebody really typed that and hit send and didn't stop to think about why it was maybe a bad idea at all beforehand

@magicalmilly I don't know who types that but I want to punch them in the throat

@magicalmilly I just saw the take and I'm floored someone took 3-5 posts
"Communally raise kids" ok maybe they meant it charitably like the whole village
"Communists literally want to take your kids" oh. No. They meant it. 😬

And the reason I'm floored is someone else is insisting that's not what the take meant. I don't want to use the word gaslight inappropriately but I think it would cover telling people the take meant something completely different.

@lapis it's takes a community.

But the community has to be deeply invested in the child.

And out of love, not burden.

@magicalmilly yeah I can agree with that! Man. Fuck that fart-huffing take

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