I'm going to be moving.


Back in Indiana.

A good IRL friend of mine is working to get me a job with her, with a few others offering to help if that job doesn't pull through and, to be honest, I lived nearly a decade in Indiana on my own and loved it.

However, I am anxious about moving expenses and such.

My plan is to be able to move before the end of the month.

If you could help in any way, please please do.


@magicalmilly i'll miss you but i hope the covid climate and workforce is better for you <3

@magicalmilly whereabouts? used to live in northern indiana (michiana area) and it may be where we end up again (hope it’s not weird to ask lol feel free to ignore me)

@shade I'm aiming for the Indy area with a subinterest back in Bloomington, as that's where my friends all live.

@magicalmilly nice. that might be where we go if trent decides to transfer with his company since that’s where their offices are. would be cool to live near broad ripple again and he’s a huge colts fan haha (he’s born and raised in indiana)


@magicalmilly trent’s the same! i’m a bears fan but i will root for the colts for him lol

@shade oh good. I don't have to explain why Purdue doesn't count.

@shade boilermakers WISH

And notre dame can stay because it's fun to go there for st Patrick's.

And they have good things, even if i hate them in sports

@magicalmilly i am not a big fan of notre dame mainly bc i lived in south bend and i worked in a job where i had to deal with alumni and football players quite often and they are all really really self important lmao. but the campus is gorgeous, trent and i used to go on walk dates there

@shade I'm not a big fan of them because my family is a Michigan family lmao

@magicalmilly LOL yea my fam is pretty evenly split between nd and michigan but i think we have more michigan fans

@shade we got REAL sad when they didn't join the big 10 and therefore no longer play Michigan

@magicalmilly im not religious but the grotto is one of my favorite places it’s really beautiful and peaceful at night with all the candles

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