I need more moogle quests

Why are there only 25

I'm gonna scream if another person responds to this about the moogle tribes quests.

I am the postmaster and need to help my post moogles

Do not info dump about every quest in the world that includes a moogle.

I just want the mail moogle quests, they scratch a very specific itch that involves vignettes into multiple NPCs from the storyline being fleshed out more and given a true chance to shine.

@magicalmilly there's the lv50-60 crafting tribe questline, though it's not about delivering letters

@kat i need to be more than just the postmaster.

I need to deliver mail to everyone and get every npcs backstory and emotional journey

@magicalmilly there's custom delivery NPCs where you get to Get Involved in someone's business for an extended period of time


well there's the moogle beast tribe quests which there's a billion of


there's also some fun moogle involvement in the DRK HW quests

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