TAZ rambling 

got into a quick bend of listening to TAZ Balance scenes while playing 14.

and damn. I got emotional again.

It is amazing how something that was plainly made to just be silly and a gag ended up being a real thing.. and the moment they realized it was a legit thing, they took it seriously. It is amazing to watch the transformation from "lmao just kill them, it's not like we're gonna have world continuity in this dnd game" to "there is magic in a bard's song."

I mean, still silly, but... I remember I fucking cried like 10 times and episode for like the last 5 episodes.

And they took that level of maturity forward into Amnesty, because they realized that they had a fucking thing on their hands. And knew that this wasn't throwaway anymore.

I totally get why someone might prefer amnesty to balance, they actually were giving their characters weight from the beginning. But fuck, watching that transformation in balance is amazing. And watching Griffin comb the silly bits to create heavy story beats, to create callbacks to the silly shit in the first few arcs before they realized what they had. That shit is good.

I love how the world can create wonderful stories sometimes, and it can happen so organically.

I just have feelings, okay?

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re: TAZ rambling 

anyways there are a few things guaranteed to get a tear out of me that are TAZ Balance related.

  • Lup's story
  • There's magic in a bard's song
  • Kill me taako, i can't forget her
  • i dont care that the world is ending, you took everything from me
  • Magnus meeting Julia in the afterlife
  • Davenport forgetting.
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