I literally just had a fucjing epiphany and discovered what my OCD compulsions are.

I've always known I've had OCD. I mean, i have Tourrettes.

But no one, including my childhood Neuro, was able to figure out what the fuck my OCD was.

Mentioned it to London and they laughed their ass off.

Apparently it's obvious as fuck.

But no one noticed growing up because my brother had more traditional ocd.


Me: trash pile room, but impeccable behavior

Brother: perfectly organized to a T room, acted out.

We both have OCD, figure out what our compulsions we're

Anyways, I'm obsessed with rules and standards and making sure everyone has everything they need.

I've memorized every rule and policy in every place or organization I've been in.

I've memorized everyone's interpretation of all those rules and also everyone's preferences and favorites as to make everything smoother.

This, as i just learned this morning, is not normal

My mental health realization 

Apparently it isn't normal to have every opinion ever mentioned by your roommates, verbally or nonverbally, memorized.

I didn't know this.

I have their opinion on every piece of food, every toy their kid owns, every game they've played, just at reach

My mental health realization 

Probably not normal to have memorized everyone's wardrobes and what every outfit means for their mood.

re: My mental health realization 

@magicalmilly I have the same thing lol. I figured out it was weird when I noticed I remembered more about people than they remembered about themselves.

head injury mention re: My mental health realization 

@magicalmilly it's a little less intense since my concussion last year sadly. i kinda like having that cause it made me a good partner and friend as long as i wasn't being creepy about it

re: My mental health realization 

@hoppet "you mean you don't remember that you once had this candy 5 years ago and you said it was meh and forgettable? But that's why you shouldn't get it, you didn't like it, and you like this candy more, get your fave candy instead, which is this."

re: My mental health realization 

@magicalmilly aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lmao yeah

re: My mental health realization 

@magicalmilly i joke that i have a spreadsheet in my brain with details on everyone i know in it. or a mind palace and everyone has a room

re: My mental health realization 

@hoppet pretty much.

I have a rollerdex with everyone and then every opinion they've had.

@magicalmilly I’ve wondered if I have OCD. I tend to over plan things down to the minutia. Danny’s description of his OCD feels more familiar the more I think about it.

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