For those of you who play Blizzard games.

The employees have asked you not play them at all tomorrow as a message to the company.

Digital Strike and all that.

@magicalmilly I almost wish I was still playing so I could quit

@magicalmilly For those who like sources, has the surface details

for anyone who hasn't heard what Blizzard did and wants to go digging, content warning, it gets dark

@magicalmilly I am curious about the reasons of the digital strike. Do you have more info about that? Thanks

@magicalmilly @makingarecord I am seeing mixed reports on whether the employees have asked for the broader community to take this action, and can’t find them actually saying so. Have you seen this somewhere?

@a @magicalmilly they've explicitly asked for signal boosts and called for donations to specific charities. I'm curious, have you seen anyone saying the broader community should NOT take this action? Just curious what the harm is

@makingarecord @magicalmilly I have no special knowledge here, but I’ve seen folks I believe to be knowledgeable on the topic asserting that random folks engaging in arbitrary action supposedly in “solidarity” can weaken the position of those doing the actual walkout. I do not know how (showing lack of control? lack of escalation path? just guesses). But it certainly seems safer to let the people actually doing the walkout, the people who actually have something on the line, direct the action.

@magicalmilly @a if you have a link to someone saying that I'd be curious to see it

@makingarecord @a yeah, if you have links to the opposing. Then share.

If not.

Why are you so angry about people making a choice to boycott a game and make blizzards numbers go down until they fix their company culture to make a point.

@magicalmilly @makingarecord Um, not angry? That sure sounded defensive, though.

I’m trying to make sure we help them with the strongest position possible. If they say boycott, we should boycott; they say write letters, write letters.

Here’s a woman in the industry making the point:

And this reply to someone asking explains her thinking:

Tracks to me. The folks doing the walkout explicitly stated the help they wanted.

@a @magicalmilly I think this person makes a fair argument, but they also are not directly involved and also don't cite any sources. This is murky! But I have not seen an actual cogent argument that private citizens boycotting a company does harm. That said, this person is right that the workers did release specific donation and signal-boost requests, which I hope people are seeing as well

@makingarecord @magicalmilly Exactly. I certainly have no issue with people choosing not to play these games especially if doing so makes you feel icky about what you would be supporting. Great. I just get a little more cautious about calls to do so as a show of solidarity, when they have told us what kind of solidarity they want.

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