If your allyship is situational to them being nice, you aren't an ally and you can fuck off


If you take away your support of a people groups right to exist because someone is mean to you, you don't actually believe that they deserve to exist.


White woman on Facebook decided to write paragraphs about how she doesn't get how we expect to have allies in existing as NDN if we are salty to anyone who "just asks questions"

That are easily Google-able.

In a BIPOC ran and centered group.

That doesn't exist to answer basic questions.

You come into my NDN Facebook group.

As a non NDN

And demand that we talk, AGAIN, about why the mayosapians all pretend to be Cherokee and Pocahontas descendents as if we've never fucking ripped off that bandaid.

And then get mad when we like, hey, this is an annoying post.

@magicalmilly milly you can't just post like this without expanding the profile character limit so i can put this as a testimonial,

@wigglytuffitout @magicalmilly I have performed the Dark Magic and you should have more room now.

@magicalmilly but i'll bet fifty bucks that if you didn't know anything about, say, some civil war general, or a european monarch, she would be highly offended and make fun of you for not googling it

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