diving into the fandom again while having the show on in the background.

watching the first opening a million times in a row because so good.

also amazed at the fact that apparently I'm not in the minority for preferring the dub for this one.

fma was the one manga series that I always spent days in Borders reading all of it without spending any money because I was poor and young.

Amazed when I finally got around to watching Brotherhood and actually seeing the Briggs arc.

anyways, will never stop praising how one of the universally best manga/anime ever was written by a woman.

fma:b rewatch 

Anyways, forgot about how the villian in episode 1 was 100% not a villain. Fuck.


re: fma:b rewatch 

also that black and white scene (with red only)

v good. v v good.

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re: fma:b rewatch 

i would die for you armstrong.

re: fma:b rewatch 

skipping the past episode and liore.

because I actually watched a zillion clips from the origin story episode this morning

and because liore is trapped in my brain from the OG series and managa and this one and nfjdfjdsakfmsd

re: fma:b rewatch 

i love roy's team. love them so much

re: fma:b rewatch 

wish they included the corrupt gold mine dude's scam

that shit was funny as hell in the manga.

but he comes back later. so i guess that's fine.

re: fma:b rewatch 


re: fma:b rewatch 

god. they got the just unsettling enough voice for tucker.

re: fma:b rewatch 

might also watch the OG FMA episode of Shou Tucker, because it was done MUCH better.

Can't even deny that.

re: fma:b rewatch 

Ed being a good guy and deciding he needs to stretch right after Nina tells him her sob story.

re: fma:b rewatch 

Hughes having family photos on his desk is so fucking wholesome.

re: fma:b rewatch 

do LOVE that they edited Al's voice to have a metallic tin. Which is v good.

re: fma:b rewatch 

"Daddy says he's going to play with Alex and me tomorrow!" - NIna.


re: fma:b rewatch 

thinking about the psychological trauma that Tucker caused, and how it shaped Ed's forward philosophy.

re: fma:b rewatch 

Watched all the versions of shou tucker being an abomination.

now to continue the show.

re: fma:b rewatch 

but the beauty of this show not just having realistic villains and multifaceted heros.

but also to not ignore the severe depravity of a world like this. and to show how that shit actively effects the children main characters and how they're allowed to cry but warned that this is only the tip of depravity

re: fma:b rewatch 

ed's actually pain in hearing that nina is dead.

and Hawkeye being the best and putting her foot down and refusing to allow the children to see nina's dead body

re: fma:b rewatch 

and them focusing on the trauma done to the children during the uprising in liore is v good.

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re: fma:b rewatch 


screams about Home and Coffin being a theme and how brotherhood's big sin is omitting that

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