what the fuck are the mcelroy's supposed to do now.

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@clarjon1 @magicalmilly it looks like Yahoo answers is shutting down and that was a part of one of their skits, I believe

@magicalmilly i feel like i know what the next episode since this news hit is going to be about

but i give it 50-50 odds of

  1. reader questions only now
  2. yahoo questions will still be answered, thanks to the miracle of the wayback machine

the real dark horse candidate that i secretly hope for because it could be the funniest: the mcelroys now will help answer the questions of Quora

@wigglytuffitout @clarjon1 @magicalmilly god i couldn't even sit through the ads back when they were doing that, this would be so painful

@wigglytuffitout @clarjon1 @magicalmilly it's difficult to describe the feeling of someone saying with more confidence than any of the advice they've ever given "well first of all, ruby and rails are the same thing"

@wigglytuffitout @clarjon1 @magicalmilly you know that feeling you get when the news gets a story about something you actually care about completely wrong, and it makes you question if they're a good source for the things you don't know about at all, either?

it's not like that because i already knew they're not experts and should never be trusted BUT,

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