So i know I've been posting a lot about moving.

But I've decided where I'm going!

I'm going to be moving to Texas! Houston area!

Not only are there a lot of jobs and queer opportunities, surprisingly, but it'll let me move in next door to Rhys :)))))

Also, planning on renting a big enough place to live with Jess and London to help ease their burdens and also give Pev more friends :)

If you would like to assist in this move, which should be happening in the next 2ish weeks, pls feel free to donate :)

@magicalmilly 🥺 oh my goodness you're helping my frands 😭 I LOVE YOU YOU ARE SO GOOD THANK YOU I HOPE TEXAS IS FILLED WITH LOVE AND BRIGHT FUTURES FOR YOU ALL 🥰

@transclosure when I said i was getting plans moving, i wasn't joking!

@magicalmilly I'm glad everything is working out so nicely!

Too bad you're not coming to Lincoln, I could use more milly in my life :blobcheeky: have to get my milly dose another way I guess

@magicalmilly I'm sad you're not coming up here, but I'm glad you're getting out of Florida and moving close to Rhys :)


@magicalmilly Congrats on figuring out future stuff! I hope it works out!

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