Here's some positivity for yall 

So, Ive had pev since he was pretty much born. And my pipe dream wish for him was that he'd be willing to curl up on my lap and sleep or sleep near me. I had a cat growing up that would and i want it.

But I've accepted pev is pev and i love him.


This past week he has started SLEEPING ON ME every night. I don't know what caused the change, but now he sleeps on me (which means he literally takes up my whole torso or thigh, depending on how I'm sleeping).

It might be because I've been much more at peace because I got my new job, or because it's cold, or something. Idk. I don't really care. I got my little dream.

Here's some positivity for yall 

@magicalmilly this is the dream

frida has never slept on me, but she’s come as close as sleeping above my head when i sleep on the sofa, and that’s GOOD ENOUGH

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