@esvrld what would you call then someone like me still having to deal with misogyny even though i'm Not a woman? or like, having to deal with my reproductive rights?

this is where i dont know how to voice those struggles as they affect my day to day life

@esvrld @witchy if you think I'm not still going through the world being perceived and treated as a woman, and that's not how I have to observe everhting,despite not being a woman, you're wrong.

@esvrld @witchy I would LOVE to be able to drop woman from my life.

But I still have to wade the world as a woman, even though I am NOT a woman.

And so it is something that I have to use as I navigate the world.


@esvrld @witchy I can't check out of homophobia or transphobia even if I wanted to.

I do. I personally do my best to not think about the labels I have, given or chosen.

And yet, society forces me to have them anyways, and I just gotta fucking deal.

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