I am getting somewhat near legit angry at the amount of people I thought were mutuals once shittalking me based in the testimony of someone I hard blocked last year who block evaded me.

Not enough to actually affect me. But enough to make me be like, "wow, some of y'all sucked and were real sus about it"

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You believe that person enough to pull out you antiindigenous and colonial bullshit.

Do I need to literally show you my tribal ID? Or my grandma's elder certificate?

The dream catcher made for my birth? Do I need to tell you about my naming and Spirit Animal ceremonies?

Because I have them.

But nah.

Who cares about the cultural and literal genocide.

Who cares about MMIW

Who cares about how I was raised to be indigenous at home and hide in public so I wouldn't go missing.


I'm just a white woman who hates all BIPOC to y'all. So who gives a fuck.

Who cares about how both my aunts were sterilized as babies.

Who cares about how my mother lied on all my doctor paperwork so they'd actually give me meds.

Who cares about I was told I wasn't allowed to learn my language till I was older so I wouldn't die.

Who cares about how my grandmother still flinches when I talk about being native in public.

Who cares about me being the exact same skin tone as my grandma, with her being full native. We're just from a paler tribe and we don't go outdoors

Who gives a shit that the indigenous were a varied and different groups of people, because the americas are giant and therefore there are huge descrepancies and I won't look like my southern neighbors.

Who gives a shit.

Because if it lets you make me the bad guy, you don't give a shit.

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@magicalmilly I dont know much about the American(continent) treatment of the indigenous population, but I know a lot about the australian treatment, and your experiences remind me a lot of our first peoples experiences.

Forced Sterilization AND Forced separation where commonplace not just "in history" but it continued until the 70s!

Forced-Sterilization is still happening in ICE camps in America (country)

Your experiences are horrifying, but are even more upsetting, common.

@Moxhuman exactly.

But people keep trying to erase them for whatever platform they have

And it's abhorrent

@magicalmilly given what the experience is like in this country, and its similarities to the experiences you describe.

The strength of will it takes to declare proudly AND publicly that you are a first nation member.

And yet it seems like countries, and organizations are still trying to erase the identity and culture of first nations peoples.


@magicalmilly Did you know that the Aboriginal Australian Flag... is FUCKING COPYRIGHTED?
Its not even copyrighted by a first nations citizen.. Its copyright by a company that AGGRESSIVELY sues anyone who uses it.


@Moxhuman jesus fucjing christ.

My tribe, the ojibwe, are not listed by that name.

Because the us refuses to believe they wrote the wrong name down in the 1600s


@magicalmilly My surname is actually because of that exact sort of spelling error.

The part of my ancestry that gives me my surname was written down on a prison manifest incorrectly when my ancestor was arrested for stealing bread to feed his family. The punishment for which was of course, slavery on an island on the other side of the world.


@Moxhuman australia is such a fuck, if I'm gonna be real

Potentially Controversial opinions 

@magicalmilly It really is a strange place.. With a really crazy history.. But thankfully our country has gotten a few things right here and there. Like public health care, public education, common sense gun laws.
But we get much wrong.
The first leader of our country to ever actually care about first nations people had a large ceremony as an official Apology to our first nations peoples.
And the media here SLAMMED HIM for it.

Potentially Controversial opinions 

@Moxhuman I dream about the revolution daily.

And work towards it. Because I'm one of those who suffer for it.

Potentially Controversial opinions 

@magicalmilly I also wish for some sort of revolution in America. Because so much of the English speaking world revolves around the United states and it's opinions.

I mean, this may come across as controversial but honestly..
Why can't everybody just be nice to each other?

Potentially Controversial opinions 

@Moxhuman because people have poisoned others. And won't let them

Potentially Controversial opinions 

@magicalmilly controversial political opinion.

Everybody deserves to live however they want so long as it doesn't impact on other people's lives.

Potentially Controversial opinions 

@Moxhuman but first we gotta remove all the systems that hurt others and allow squashing other that's are in place rn

Potentially Triggering Language 

I just looked up the tribe you listed.. I cant believe that the first article still calls First Nations people's "indians" and not just some random website.. The god damn Michigan State University!!

Potentially Triggering Language 

@Moxhuman it's such a fuck

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