Indigenous people!

Please share this and reply and be my friend! Let's create a community on here where we know we have someone who gets it!

I'll start, I'm Ojibwe. Raised away from the tribe, but am a full member now as an adult.

(If not indigenous, please still share, I wanna reach others)

@magicalmilly sort of, a little. My mother's family is Mapuche, but we don't really have contact with the members that live on communities in the south. Our branch migrated to Chillán on the 1940s and to Santiago on the 1960s, and there are very few that still have the surname.

@matias93 that's fine!

I've been actively reading books from my people to try and learn what I missed by being raised away from the culture.

But we can still communicate and fight for our people!

@magicalmilly luckily, the Mapuche are very fond of poetry and oratory, so there is a lot of information, both oral and written. On the other hand, what is known is about the culture that already changed to resist both Incan and Spanish colonialism, and there are reasons to believe it's very different from what it was before the 14th century.
Anyway, the Mapuche were one of the few "winners" of the transculturation process, extending their language and culture after colonisation.

@magicalmilly and, if you consider the Basque people as indigenous, it would be a similar situation on the side of my father: his grand-grand parents immigrated from there around the 1850s (so I guess they were fleeing the Carlista wars) and ended as sharecroppers here. Sadly, the language was lost in that process, and we haven't done much to integrate, even if here is very easy, as the Basque community in Chile is very active and receptive.

@matias93 the destruction of culture is heartbreaking to me.

Some of it is overt. Some is subtle. But all is purposeful

@matias93 @magicalmilly oh Basque! My Mexican grandpa was significantly Basque (so I am a decent amt as well.) I don't know much about the culture though :(


Hi Ojibwe :) my name is Dakota. I am a member of the osage tribe but sadly don't know anything about the culture, my grandfather was put into a Christian Boarding School while he was a child, he forgot the language and was taught being native was distasteful, so my dad didn't grow up with any knowledge either. Our surname is Chouteau

@Dee welcome!!!!

My name is Milly, I was just putting my tribe name up!

And yeah, the social genocide of the native people is fucked and has lasting ramifications today.

Lost languages. Medical issues. My aunts were both sterilized as children for being Native. My mom was the you hear and was born after the sterilizations came to light and were finally banned.

@magicalmilly Just in case you don't know, you've picked an auspicious day; today is International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples:

I also am indigenous! I'm from the states, name of Moll and I'm Oglala Lakota, which is pretty dope tbh

from SD but been most of my life in the american west, in the Mojave. now I'm in the great lakes area and it's pretty beautiful here! I do miss the desert sometimes

@merlose_loire hell yeah!

My tribe is in the Great Lakes, and my family is from the UP and Detroit.

But I now live in Florida near the Seminole tribe!

@magicalmilly Hi y'all, I am a member of the Penobscot tribe from the Wabanaki confederacy out of Maine. Currently living on the rez, I'm a political organizer focused on indigenous struggles.

@Bashabez5 my tribe is up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan! The St Sault Marie Ojibwe tribe.

But I'm living in Florida near the Seminole Rez.

@magicalmilly I'm a southern family native. We're all from Mexico, but good luck divining a tribe. Thank you Catholic missionaries and Spanish conquest.

@magicalmilly also I gotta point out that is a latine/latinx community instance 100% open to our indigenous gente. We stand opposed to the government's systemic oppression of our native family and roots.

@magicalmilly Afro-Indigenous descent , currently building my understanding of culture with my Taino community in Puerto Rico

@ArtistMarciaX hell yeah!!!

Fight society trying to destroy your heritage!

@magicalmilly not indigenous, just boosting, but I also wanted to let you know that there is (was?) An instance called indigedon that was made a little while back as a place for indigenous folks on the fediverse

Hi Milly,
I am not an IP, but This might help you in your noble pursuit:

You can add a hashtag to your profile to help others find you and communicate. So if you were to add #indigenouspeople to your profile, and get others to do the same it will be easier for new users to find people like you.

Good luck.

@magicalmilly Hi! I'm Metis (Cree) from northern Alberta, Canada.

I was fortunate enough to participate in Aboriginal classes in elementary school where we learned about our culture and took many field trips to pow wows and sweat lodges 😁

@magicalmilly hi! I hail deom the Samí People, although my family and I am a victim of Norwegification, and thus i sadly do not speak the language, and have not been raised in the community

@magicalmilly I'm not indigenous but I wanted to reach out and just say hello :)

@magicalmilly Pomo and Concow Maidu from Northern California. dad was raised on rez, i was not, but i've maintained a relationship with that side of my family my whole life.

@magicalmilly hi, i'm a haida indigenous person!! my grandma grew up on the archipelago but my mom was adopted into a white family, so we were raised away from it; but the whole nation is sort of reconnecting and reviving the traditions, so reconnection is a community-wide effort rn. i was just thinking i'd love to find more indigenous people on mastodon!

@cerberus yes yes yes!!!!


If you look at the other replies to that toot, you'll see others!

Yay community!

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