I will stop here with #Gab by removing the block feature inside the app in the next release.

My motivations:

- I didn't receive a reply from Google policy team about a potential ban of the application.
- Without the previous risk, I clearly think that's not my role. I can't hard-code instance blocks especially when every tools are here for that.
- If you want a strong block, it's in the hands of social network developers or your admins.

@fedilab bye fedilab.

Glad to know you're cool with your work being used to connect fascists.

Sure, we can block them here, but they can still have their echo chamber where they build each other up using your software.

And, yeah sure, they can access through other means, but you gave them another avenue of access that you could have stopped.

You're shit. Good to know.

Does your social network plan to ban them (devs)? No, afaik. Did you plan to change/move too?

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@fedilab @magicalmilly

Wow... Thats really disheartening to hear from the app I use for mobile. I understand the stance of "There are already tools for that", but this isn't some new policy that could affect many. Its a single group/forum that has hosted so much hate against our communities.

I live in socal, and Blaze Bernstein was killed in my old city last year. His death as a jewish queer teenager by the group Atomwaffen was lauded across Gab as a victory for white supremacists. The posts were never hindered, censured, or stopped by the admins or host. <----- These are the people your choosing to take a stand for and say, "Hey, maybe some people do want the access to reach these people".


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@Electronic_Bunny @fedilab exactly!

It's... its inexcusable. and it's disgusting that it's being allowed to have any platform, and that putting blocks in their way to stop them from congregating isn't the automatic reaction to them trying to come over here.

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@booteille @magicalmilly @fedilab

How is blocking a single known server the same as getting rid of all computers?

What your describing isn't the situation. We are talking about a single community that has had a history of murder and extreme violence.

"Should we remove computers because some people can type idiot things on it?" is one of the most dishonest arguments/comparisons on this issue.

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