I will stop here with #Gab by removing the block feature inside the app in the next release.

My motivations:

- I didn't receive a reply from Google policy team about a potential ban of the application.
- Without the previous risk, I clearly think that's not my role. I can't hard-code instance blocks especially when every tools are here for that.
- If you want a strong block, it's in the hands of social network developers or your admins.

@fedilab bye fedilab.

Glad to know you're cool with your work being used to connect fascists.

Sure, we can block them here, but they can still have their echo chamber where they build each other up using your software.

And, yeah sure, they can access through other means, but you gave them another avenue of access that you could have stopped.

You're shit. Good to know.

Does your social network plan to ban them (devs)? No, afaik. Did you plan to change/move too?


@fedilab no.

Because you're giving them ability to exist.

Which means you're condoning them and their actions.

The whole point of federated social media like this was so that we could take back control and have it be more personal and less corporate.

And you decided to act like a corporation, by deciding their clicks were more important than user safety.

Thanks for aiding fascists!!!!

@magicalmilly @fedilab If you wish to block them from the internet feel free to write a letter to your politicians with the request of implementing rigorous filtering of the internet. Why bother blocking in a single app if you can do it so much more effectively?

@nvsr @fedilab cool to know no progress is better to you than some progress.

Go fuck yourself.

@magicalmilly Jeez, Fedilab's responses here are somehow worse than the fact they won't do anything.

"Yeah, we could lift a finger...but [X] isn't going to, so why should we?"

Why do so many devs completely ignore what marginalized people say and then say, "So everything is perfect"?

@Lexi "The Fediverse is us taking back social media and making it a safer place for everyone and actually listening to the user base and working with them."

But them gab clicks thooooooo

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