Anyone who recommends people get into comics with Watchmen should have their computer taken away and smashed with a bat.

@Alexis I know my mother has her students read this, and a few others, for her comics as literature course.

But she never recommends it as a first comic outside of class. Because it's dark. And heavy. And requires you have some level of understanding of the medium or genre. And it's gritty af.

Fine for class because its a literature class, you're supposed to be reading deeper material. But for casual comic reading? Wait until you're ready.

@magicalmilly It's a historically hugely significant work, by people who were at the the peak of their craft, and it influenced the medium and the genre for multiple decades -- it absolutely has a place in a literature class.


@Alexis Exactly. She assigns like that and Maus and Persepolis.

I think there's a few more, but I cannot remember them right now.

Maybe not the feel good casual read. But good examples of literature through non-traditional means. And it's great.

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