What scarf patterns do y'all like? ( :boost_ok:​ )

I like the lacy stuff, but 1. that's not necessarily good in the winter. 2. I need a unisex pattern.

I'm just getting frustrated because it feels like "unisex" or "male pattern" equals "boring as shit"

I want something visually interesting and I don't want to just rely on the yarn color to do that.

so suggestions welcome (paid patterns are fine)

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Boosting this again (because I'm still looking for suggestions. Maybe I'm too picky?)

As an explanation, someone (when putting the pattern on Ravelry) can tag it with a bunch of stuff (like standard hook / needle size to complete, yarn used, and what size / gender the clothing is "meant" for.) Basically, I don't know what divides male from unisex, but there is a division. Female scarfs tend to be anything you'd describe as "pretty" or lacy. I have yet to see a "male" scarf that has prominent lace.

So in other words

The three genders:

@Nyla_Smokeyface I mean like, Ravelry will let you narrow down patterns by ones marked "female pattern" "male pattern" and / or "unisex"

Basically, does (whoever marks the patterns, idk who) the person feel a woman would wear this, or a man?

I mean obviously you cater to some assumptions with stuff like that, but in general I've been taught men don't like as lacy of patterns, so unless I know that a particular man likes lace, I tend to go for the ones marked "male pattern" which are often.... boring.

Does that help?

@lapis Gotcha. I feel like it's kind of weird to gender patterns though.

@Nyla_Smokeyface yeah I know what you mean. It's a useful filter, but it has broader implications

@lapis have you thought about waffle or cable patterns? Or something else heavy on texture? Otherwise, I think mosaic crochet is also a great visually interesting choice.

@damia I think waffle or cable is probably the way to go, yeah. I think mosaic doesn't fit what I want to do with these future gifts (not that I mentioned that, oops) but mosaic looks like a great idea for future projects.

Thanks for the suggestion 💜

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