Oh one tip my friends (this may also work for traditional planners)

I don't remember where I got the idea, but make a page for everything you consider a victory this year. Keep adding to it and revisit it New Years Eve.

It doesn't have to be profound, like once I make it to my first big "goal" in the anxiety hierarchy I'm adding that. And if for some reason I don't make that by the end of the year, I will simply add the minigoals. All that really matters is your definition of "Victory" and I recommend being kind to yourself in that definition

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@lapis That's such a cool idea! I started journaling / keeping a diary (writing down a few sentences every day) a few years ago and it's super cool to have a method to just browse your past (in addition to photos) and getting reminded of things I had completely forgotten. This could be a really nice edition to that!

@lapis that's cool! i try to (but don't often succeed) have a way of logging things that made the day different or good (maybe its own type of bullet, sometimes a separate page next to the main monthly), so i can go through at the end of the month and be happy about it all - i have terrible time perception so it helps quite a bit in placing the memories

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