@garfiald I'll confess, I still don't like (long) movies because we got rid of movie intermissions. With movies, it makes me mad because screenplays "theory" tells you to cut everything that isn't essential and that everything should play multiple roles (which is also true of publishing most fiction, so I feel this in my writing). Basically my problem is if I get up for a piss and buy another coke and popcorn, I've lost 10-15 minutes of theoretically valuable exposition because of my bladder and desire for a snack. Plays let me piss! Operas let me piss! Ballets let me piss! It's probably no wonder I prefer plays to movies.

But reading this I was also thinking of, how every craft I take up, my family wants to encourage me by telling me I should open an esty shop for crocheting or whatever.

Besides the fact I'm not cut out to run a business, I don't want to turn my stress-busting accomplishments into a side-hustle! I guarantee if I did, it would be a stress-causer, and therefore useless and miserable to me. Why is the only way we feel we can compliment something is to say "You should make money off this". Or how every career counselor gives out that advice of "Do something you love and you'll never work a day in your life" I feel like there's a lot that can be said about this attitude.

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