Me at the beginning of my Masto experience: "CW eye contact"? Why would that need a warning? w/e 🀷

Me, literally today: *realizing I avoid eye contact with selfies when I see them* .... oh.

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I still don't get this one. I understand some people have issues with EC, but the whole having to warn others to post a selfie just seems a bit much for me. To each their own I suppose.

@bort it's not like it ruins my day or anything, (I mean I suppose in theory it could? idk) It's more the realization makes it nice so I know I can scroll past them and not click on them now that I understand my problem?

it's one of those things where I couldn't understand why I started avoiding clicking mutuals' selfies and thought I was just an asshole until I saw one today and realized I was deliberately not looking at the eyes.

I'm more giving my perspective in what I hope was funny.

@lapis I'm actually with ya there. I rarely look at selfies personally. I just find it weird to post and look at em. I don't really find it an EC issue, but just an issue of I think it's weird for people to take a million selfies all the damn time and post them heheheh.

My biggest complaint on CW's is most of the mobile clients are absolutely garbage with them. I hate having to click on every image behind a CW as people use them for like way too much stuff now. Amaroq is especially annoying with it for some reason. I wish we all had like a common hashtag to put on there, then we could just filter it out? I dunno, just throwing alternatives out there too!

@bort @lapis The eye contact CW is for people who are made uncomfortable by that, I've heard it helps some people with autism. That's a good enough reason for me to add a CW; and yeah as lapis said it is nice to be able to avoid eye contact sometimes in general.

Also I'm pretty sure you could have it set such that content warnings are automatically shown.

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