I got permission to ask about this so I was hoping for ideas. My friend explained what exactly sucks about a manual wheelchair, and how using it has made her not leave her house as much lately. she has solutions (PT, get a brace and service dog) but due to certain details I can't get into, she does not have the time nor spoons to pursue these things. for some reason she doesn't have a helper. I'm worried about her, so I want to give her ideas. Do you have any?

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@lapis I’m in no way qualified to answer...

If you were her, what barriers would you dread every time you left the house? Narrow hallways, narrow front door, crappy ramps, uneven sidewalks? Work on those if you have money/time.

Compile schedules and contact info for handicap accessible buses/vans/Lyft.

Maybe someone can recommend how to configure an awesome go bag to attach to her chair with stuff to make her feel prepared.

@lapis Are you nearby enough to help? Are you able to research what would be needed for a better chair (an automatic would be expensive but maybe there are places to help fund; a lighter-weight chair might be a thing if friend is using a heavy hospital chair)? Or where to get braces? Would your friend be willing to put you/someone on their HIPAA forms so you/other-person-with-spoons can discuss appointments or insurance issues? Can you research service dogs remotely?

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