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alright and here's me reading them! i was pretty horribly anxious while recording this so some of my enunciation in welsh and english is slightly off lol

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Got to level 4 in D&D but it's bittersweet because a party member died this session

I barely understand Japanese but hey I started translating a PC98 game because I am literally unable to finish a single project

Spent maybe 40 hours playing Neverwinter this week

Haven't worked on anything useful in a few days, playing poor JRPGs instead

Haven't worked on anything useful in a few days, playing Diablo II instead

every time someone types 'ffi' in twitch chat and it ligatures it and gets one pixel shorter I lose my shit

Also hey everyone, I've been a gamer for a long time, I was at several GDQs and similar events, and now I just sit at home and complain. How about you?

the virus 

Well, just officially got the word that I don't have to come into the office for 'some time' until the new coronavirus has done its thing. Woo :|

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