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every time someone mentions i take the time to open a new tab and navigate to and if you haven't lately i highly recommend it

evaluating and editing your own writing more like throwing four or more components (some of which are flaky others of which are inconsistent) of your psyche into a cage match

I just think female characters should have their feelings written with respect even when the narrative demands they have to move on from them

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my blood sugar is low and today’s high comes from respect women juice

stop letting restaurants operate at full capacity during a plague challenge

reaching the last bits of Polaris and I hate to leave a game so close to the climax when I’m gonna also finish Shadowbringers this week but hhhh I’ve been playing Control so hard this weekend lol

things i have learned:

taking a creative writing class will not make you feel creative, only exponentially more anxious.

that’s it. that’s the only thing i’ve learned. ever.

Hey, sorry if you wanted some kinda Ten Neat Tricks thing.

It's very hard, often painful, you're invisible when you do a good job, very visible when you mess up, everyone thinks they can do a better job than you (and the only thing that convinces them otherwise is trying it (and nearly all will never try)), and there are no shortcuts. That's it.

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The big difference between Cosy Mode and Heartbreak Mode is that the people in Cosy Mode like being in Cosy Mode, and the people in Heartbreak Mode hate being in Heartbreak Mode but do it anyway.

People go into Heartbreak Mode because they think that a website has to grow forever, and this is madness. If a website carried on growing forever, then eventually everyone on the planet would be on that website all the time.

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It really hurts, watching someone torture themselves with your creation, and the kind thing to do for yourself and for them and for everyone around them is to just bloody stop it.

Banning someone for your own mental health is fine and healthy and frees up your emotional resources to care for the community.

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Bucause if you DON'T ban them, then they find each other! They set up gross unhealthy little quicksand cliques of misery, and they try to suck others in too!

I don't have any of these players on Improbable Island right now, they've all migrated to a Discord server devoted to being unhealthily obsessed with the game that they don't like, but I was just reminded of this weird mestastisized social failure state by /r/watchredditdie, which is probably the most miserable place I've ever seen

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Some folks can come in, have fun for a month or so then stop having fun but keep coming back for YEARS. They're always negative enough that nobody likes them, and they'll complain about being so unliked on this awful website that used to be great for two weeks in 2009, and everyone wants them to leave and they hate it here but they JUST. WON'T. LEAVE.

Ban them! It sounds straightforward but it's really shockingly easy to roll your eyes and move on and not ban them, but you've gotta ban them!

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looks like we will be getting a lot of PS Plus games that are versions of popular PS4 games that aren’t eligible to be upgraded to PS5/get the DLC and honestly I love that kinda deal

re: shitpost about watching VeggieTales as a kid/not serious 

@knittenkitten @bees @witchfynder_finder on the singalong one where they brought back a bunch of songs, they had that one but changed to not be a villain song anymore, it actually fit with the moral of that story

but i guess they couldn't get the backup singers in the studio again or something because they're still singing the same thing and the main guy is just talking over them like "no no no girls" "we don't say that anymore!"

shitpost about watching VeggieTales as a kid/not serious 

@witchfynder_finder @knittenkitten the original lyrics were "I don't love my mom or my dad just the bunny" but they re-released it because they didn't want to have kids singing about disliking their parents

shitpost about watching VeggieTales as a kid/not serious 


shitpost about watching VeggieTales as a kid/not serious 

The Bunny Song is embedded in my brain and is the single reason why I can’t relate to stan culture

(mostly “would I be OK writing the same kinds of fiction for all of these test scenarios?” and the answer is no and the reasons aren’t clean and defined)

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realizing I can’t think of a clean definition of RPF even if I wanted to and I’m down a philosophical rabbit hole again lmao

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