I spent all my brain yesterday and I’m not even really sure on what :grr:

(yes, I have anxiety about talking about race, all white people do, and we have to be more aware of it)

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this goes for trans stuff too which I’m on the other side of, but speaking as a white person: most white people don’t even fucking know how to get a diverse BIPOC perspective on their timeline. if you’re white and all you put on their timeline is a rewritten version of something some of your friends said... that’s all they’re gonna see, and their anxiety about race might even inspire them to copy you

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if you use 'autism' as a derogatory i reserve the right to knock your head off with a baseball bat

when you compose a tweet/toot/whatever that says “listen to X voices” that expresses a unified opinion on the behalf of X folks when you do not belong to X group, you are contributing to people not getting into the habit of listening to X voices

idle thought 

please stop weaponizing other peoples’ pain against people you already don’t like good night (hopefully)

honestly though when I am actively trying to write first I just don’t post here at all and then I post here endlessly

anyway, I am posting so much because I am procrastinating finishing a kingdom hearts fanfiction

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in some ways I think I find it more fun over time to engage with something that’s got a critical hole or two in it that needs to be filled

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the things I outwardly enjoy the most almost tend to have more problems than the things I don’t end up spending much time beyond the thing itself enjoying

Not every piece of media or activity that you personally get enjoyment out of needs a justification for that fact, and likewise for things you don't enjoy. It's a logically obvious but sometimes emotionally tough truth to pin down, but I think acknowledging it makes engaging with differences of opinion far, far healthier.

re: cursed pun, mildly dark humor from a diabetic 

@wigglytuffitout *sprinkles in Kool-Aid powder*

cursed pun, mildly dark humor from a diabetic 

@wigglytuffitout doctor: oh sweet I get to make a diabetes diagnosis today

@wigglytuffitout oh shit now I have to resist sharing the etymology of “diabetes mellitus”

@kat her character arc makes me mad sometimes but that’s because... she is a good character

acceptance is finally realizing you do not have the skillset to microsolder and ordering the assembled thing

@whalefall I’m kinda still processing how much my dysphoria interacts with me hating formal clothes (generally I don’t have formal clothes aside from some wedding party stuff)

“You don't have to constantly consume trauma in order to know injustice exists.”

Stolen from elsewhere. I think I’m gonna try to stay off the real-world medias for a while.

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