I am friends with extremely small subsets of The Folks With A Lot of Followers in a couple communities and it absolutely feels like this

Thread in which I pin all my KH Soriku 

this digital piece I spent an absurd amount of time on about a year before that

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Thread in which I pin all my KH Soriku 

this watercolor piece I did for Soriku week last year

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I guess this kinda spoils stuff after KH3, ship art 


this Riku render has me more like “bruh he likes you already chill a bit”

no I did not just lose my shit over a new render of Aqua Kingdom Hearts what are you talking about

i can't believe Terra didn't tell Riku this one weird trick

motherboard gore 

I am just confused as to what happened to this poor guy (signs of a dead or dying VRM otherwise and it’s Old so that part makes sense, but the reduction of the heat shields to pure copper with no sign or scent of burning or deposits elsewhere and wire/component-shaped parts that are unaffected is just wtf)

Is it humid around here yes is it that humid no

eyes pointed at you but closed 

executive decision that you needed this picture of Sora on your timeline

KH cursed ship, my most cursed keychain 

this is a keychain of Mickey taking a goofy photo with his son after he gets a ring from Sora

or at least, that’s how you can choose to interpret it

randomly decided to screenshot the FFXIV UI I'm using (trying to figure out a good way to get hotbar 5 mapped to some keys; not currently in use)

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