okay somebody sent us a processor in January who was it

please help, what kind of processor is it???

@knittenkitten oh bless thank you’ll much! Was struggling to find the right motherboard lol

@hammerhead np! that’s the reason I had it spare unfortunately, but it did look like new old chipset stock X99 motherboards were starting to pop up when I sent it off!

@knittenkitten looks like they’re selling for like $240 online, is this an older model or?


@hammerhead the way the motherboard failed corroded its VRM heat sinks, which made me concerned the CPU may have been damaged in some subtle way that I can’t check (they also weren’t going for quite that much just a couple months ago o.o)

@knittenkitten @hammerhead computer shit is getting really expensive rn bc of a combination of material shortages and the resurgence in crypto

@whalefall @hammerhead Oh yeah, and I could definitely see this particular generation of Intel CPUs becoming a popular substitute for Ryzen with the knockoff motherboards coming on the market

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