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it's time, babey! i go by Bee on the interwebs i'm a former philosophy student from spain

i do like games, but i tend to find myself on the spectator side of things more often than playing myself, although i enjoy playing visual novels and cutesy puzzle games from time to time :blobowo:
the only game i play consistently is league of legends

i'm mostly a pc gamer because i'm too broke to keep up with console releases, but i'm a big fan of the animal crossing and pokémon sagas

a dear able-bodied friend of mine just got a wheelchair on animal crossing and asked me to ask masto (she's not on fedi) if any acnh player who happens to be a wheelchair user wants it, she would like to give it away (entirely for free)

please boost, it would be very nice to find it a home :boost_ok:

discord server; asking for help :boost_ok:​ 

it's been a while since i've wanted to set up a friendly, generalistic discord server for people from the fedi to talk to each other in a more conversational setting and less microblogging-like.

i've been wondering about the best way to set it up and manage it, and also wondering if anyone would like to help out with brainstorming.

i know the software is less than ideal, esp. from a FOSS-fan point of view, but it is nonetheless one of my favorite spaces to socialize.

does anyone have feedback or answers?

i'm desperately looking for someone running a bitwarden server. my raspi is already in daily use for other stuff and i can't afford to rent a server just for this, but i kinda hate the commercial bitwarden server, so if anyone's running their own install and is willing to take in another account, do hmu.


ubuntu 20 doesn't suck at touchscreens and gyroscopes so baby kōshiro the laptop is getting rid of windows finally :blobcheer:

you know your life is messy when you haven't swung by the fediverse in one week AND you're considering going back to birdsite

lockdown deescalation means i'm in my hometown and that, in turn, means i have access to my both my first nintendo and my current one and shit

*waves* sharing my switch friend code for anyone who wants to add me! mostly to play acnh but any coop multiplayer games that also have singleplayer mode are good suggestions. i will ask you to tell me who you are!!! otherwise this could get confusing

SW 5750-5671-6030

i commissioned a portrait of my digidestined 'sona and I couldn't be happier. look at these cuties!!!! thank you @Mirima for your work and attention to detail

also, take that's apparently a hot take outside of fedi and tumblr

takeru and hikari are mlm wlw solidarity, not dating

these kids are as gay as they come cmon

so i commissioned [email protected] a headshot of my thanks to @oct2pus's rec and BOY I COULDNT BE HAPPIER HOLY FUCK

hey fellow i haven't read hs fanfic since the golden era of 2011/12 do yall have any recs for me

are you neurodivergent? are you nuts about ? are you REALLY bad at habits and getting tasks done? i have been using this method to suck less at life for some months now and i wanted to share in case it's helpful for anyone


this is my alarm tone
i picked it because of the gentle rise in volume and the pun
my new phone has decided it should sound super loud exactly in the middle of the song
why samsung

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