Nursery rhymes with Lucille 

Humpty Dumpty fall on the wall

Humpty Dumpty was

Humpty Dumpty humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty fall on the wall again

Humpty Dumpty is on the ground.

there should be like a food delivery except i don't have to go outside and interact with people to get it and also it doesn't cost money

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i see people being cute on the timeline and i smile

< this user knows the lyrics to several eminem songs

don't gotta unlearn shit if you never learn in the first place 😎

Yea I think I'll go by vi/vir pronouns too, seems cute seems fun seems valid

bnu bnu, good morning to u
bnu bnee, i kinda gotta pee
bnu buni, but bed so comfy

Sorry for disappearing again, my object permanence with this app is really bad (if I don’t actively use it, I forget it even exists)

Also my mental health’s been kinda 💩 lately so I haven’t had the energy to interact with people much

But I’m here again :blobcatmelt:

have you considered.... that being nonhuman rules and can be fun actually

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the problem with almost all minecraft porn is that they make the genitals and titties round


He asked Haida out on a date and got him a rose, how cute
This is the best piece of art I’ve ever made. Enjoy.

Currently drawing cute donks on Twitch, come watch and chill with me!

the greatest trick the joker ever pulled was convincing the world that we live in a society

Just an update. I am accepting no PNW dunks today as we're currently enduring a heatwave powerful enough to cause heatstroke in a region where air conditioning isn't a building regulation requirement.

Everyone not from a desert state is a huge fucking wimp and can't talk until Monday

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