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new introduction (long) 

Hi everyone!

-I'm Kelerak, though I also go by Keli or Kelly, any of these names work for me.

-I'm nonbinary, please use they/them pronouns for me.

-Neurodivergent, specifically diagnosed with Asperger's. This means I have a lot more difficulty with social situations and am a lot more emotional, so please be patient with me if you can.

-Video games are the number one thing that I love. If you want me to never shut up, bring up Zelda, Metal Gear, or Persona.

-Close second thing I love is coffee. I don't get the opportunity to experiment much anymore, but I take my coffee very seriously. I even have my own press.

-Pansexual/panromantic, insofar as I'm attracted to people. I still have specific types and kinks, but I like to think I can be attracted to whoever for any reason.

If I do anything wrong or I hurt you somehow, please tell me! I'm trying to be a better person and as kind as I can be.

Nice to meet you!

if I incorporate Avatar: The Last Airbender shit into my Zelda OC, I apologize in advance

A Chaos Emerald? You've gotta be kidding me!

This is like taking candy from a baby, which is fine by me!

@kelerak2 sterile, interactionless upload of someone failing at a Gradius game in MAME

which video game video on YouTube are you

bonus round

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fortnite should be banned from MORE devices tbh

What's this, a flying boat?

All boats pay toll in Mafia Town, even in space!

Mafia come in to collect.

@kelerak2 won't lie I misread this as "The Cat in the Hat" and was extremely confused.

But no what it actually says makes a lot of sense carry on

getting real emotional over the Hat In Time soundtrack right now

it's an amazing paradox we've collectively built

in order to get a job, you need to have skills and certifications. in order to get those, you need money. in order to get money, you need a job.

and you need time to do all of this

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man I love having no discernible job skills whatsoever, making it impossible to move to any other country, let alone find a decent job here

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance is brilliant because instead of characters saying their ideology, the soundtrack sings their ideology at you *while you're fighting them.*

ph, just general negativity now 

what are you supposed to do to better yourself when all the odds are stacked against you

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thought about taking walks to start relieving stress but my state just put out a heat warning, so it'll be miserable outside

why do I even try

you ever notice how the reason anything gets done is because a corporation and/or millionaire is mad at another corporation and/or millionaire

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