Just a little something that came to my mind that I just had to put to page...

@SuricrasiaOnline entertainment/platform neutral but not both at once. Dragons lair and gone home are both video games, but a wikipedia race is not

@QueerGirlAudrey @SuricrasiaOnline What about Dr. Nim? Or does that fall into the very strange space of non-video computer games?


@QueerGirlAudrey Probably the first mass-market computer game... because it was implemented with a single-purpose computer built entirely out of plastic. It plays single-pile NIM... and will always beat you.


@keiyakins Oh I remember this video. Yeah that's a computer game technically, but not a videogame

@QueerGirlAudrey If I ever get a chance to challenge Death to a game for a life, I'm gonna challenge It to single-pile NIM. Don't specify the number of coins though, that way you can just slip out an extra if Death insists on you going first.

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