Just a little something that came to my mind that I just had to put to page...

@SuricrasiaOnline Hm. My gut rules require it to be a game, and to have its rules 'scripted' in a way that doesn't require players to figure the outcome out themselves. RPG Maker is iffy, but I'd be willing to call it a video game. Dragon's Lair, Dark Souls, and Gone Home obviously are. A Wikipedia race isn't, but if you wrote a simple browser extension that ran the timer and recorded the links taken, it could be. The only other iffy one is the CYOA books... I think *some* are, but not all.


@SuricrasiaOnline Namely, those that add a sufficiently complex battle system might cease to be video games. Those that rely solely on choosing from the list of options and maybe writing down a list of items you get certainly are. In the middle, with relatively simple battle systems? It's muddy.

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