diving into the fandom again while having the show on in the background.

watching the first opening a million times in a row because so good.

also amazed at the fact that apparently I'm not in the minority for preferring the dub for this one.

fma was the one manga series that I always spent days in Borders reading all of it without spending any money because I was poor and young.

Amazed when I finally got around to watching Brotherhood and actually seeing the Briggs arc.

anyways, will never stop praising how one of the universally best manga/anime ever was written by a woman.

fma:b rewatch 

Anyways, forgot about how the villian in episode 1 was 100% not a villain. Fuck.

re: fma:b rewatch 

also that black and white scene (with red only)

v good. v v good.

re: fma:b rewatch 

i would die for you armstrong.

re: fma:b rewatch 

skipping the past episode and liore.

because I actually watched a zillion clips from the origin story episode this morning

and because liore is trapped in my brain from the OG series and managa and this one and nfjdfjdsakfmsd

re: fma:b rewatch 

i love roy's team. love them so much

re: fma:b rewatch 

wish they included the corrupt gold mine dude's scam

that shit was funny as hell in the manga.

but he comes back later. so i guess that's fine.


re: fma:b rewatch 


screams about Home and Coffin being a theme and how brotherhood's big sin is omitting that

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